There’s no greater opportunity to show the love of Jesus to people than through marriage. Sacrifice and service are genuine traits of Jesus and are required to have a healthy marriage. I am so excited to be in an industry that gets to witness this amazing bond take place! If you relate to what I am talking about I would love to meet with you and get started on the exciting journey towards your wedding day together! It is not only my job to capture the day, but to lead you and your fiance through all of the commotion that day brings!

Real Estate

As a former student of landscape architecture, I love being involved with the real estate process. I’ve been shooting custom homes for about 3 years now and I would love to become a trusted extension of your real estate needs! Showing a house with professional photos is the best first impression you could ask for. It shows the buyers that you care about the house and are serious about selling it. No one likes to look through cell phone photos! Do you house justice and invest in having professional photos taken from someone who understands what good looks like!